Masked Wombat

Masked Wombat

Career Highlights

Position: Official Referee
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 1-2-1
Total Matches: 4

Profile Info

Finisher: None
Theme Song: Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Higher Ground”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Hailing from the Planet Zil, the Masked Wombat arrived in WFA for reasons unknown. He has since competed as a superstar, conducted interviews and has even been appointed referee in certain matches. Wherever there is a spot to fill, the Masked Wombat is the first to sign up for it. A truly versatile individual, the Masked Wombat brings joy to all those he knows and provides the crowd with an entertaining experience that you can only get from a native Zillian.

Career History

09: Royal Park Rumble RPR Entrant #2: Masked Wombat

14: Royal Park Rumble Malice, Masked Wombat and Sinister Backstage Segment
14: Royal Park Rumble Masked Wombat vs. Sinister

22: Wrestlefest VI Masked Wombat Interviews