Mike Hardy

Mike Hardy

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 15-10-0
Total Matches: 25
Title History: WFA Heavyweight Championship

Profile Info

Finisher: Swanton Bomb
Theme Song: Sinful Productions – “Let’s Start a Riot (Remix)”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Mike Hardy is perhaps the fast growing superstar in WFA history. In 2006, he was one of the first to compete for the new Interborough title and although he did not win, he caught the eye of everyone as a superstar to be watched.

He gained support from the fans and this did not sit well with Impact, a man who used to be the crowd favorite. Mike Hardy decided to show off his natural talent week after week against Impact and even went as far as stealing his t-shirt and glasses. Mike Hardy wore Impact’s attire to the ring and competed against him at WFA Dark Tomorrow in one of WFA’s toughest ladder matches known to date.

Continuing on to Wrestlefest III, the return of Tonkpils had many questioning the similarity between the two superstars. At Wrestlefest III, Mike Hardy went toe to toe with Tonkpils as well as Oz in a number one contender match for the WFA Championship. Mike Hardy won the match and plans on showing everyone in 2008 that there Ain’t No Party, Without Mike Hardy.

Mike Hardy then went on to shock the world by turning on his long friend Enforcer and becoming Julius Habinero and forming Higher Society. At the very next show Mike left WFA and waited for the moment to return to his roots as Mike Hardy to shock the world again with his ladder match finale against Sinister at Wrestlefest VI.

Career History