Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 4-5-1
Total Matches: 10
Title History: None

Profile Info

Finisher: Darkness Falls, Lights Out
Theme Song: InMe – “Lava Twilight”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Entering in WFA with the rest of the Alliance, Twilight immediately wanted to prove that he was prepared to rise to high ranks in WFA. At Wrestlefest II, Twilight fought against his Alliance friend Impact and Stir Crazy for the Brooklyn Hardcore Title and almost came out victorious in the end. He tangled with up Tonkpils to prove that he was not in fact a rip off of Jeff Hardy but instead a superstar of his own.

Afterwards, Twilight teamed up with Impact once again in 2005 realizing that friends were more valuable than enemies in WFA. Twilight had continued to fight his way in WFA and ended up getting mixed with Team Kross. For weeks, Enforcer began attacking Twilight, trying to taunt him and call him out until Wrestlefest III when Twilight and Enforcer went head to head against one another.
Twilight ended up winning at Wrestlefest III and caused Enforcer to become fired from WFA. Twilight decided to take a leave of absence for the year 2006 due to medical reasons and returned in 2007 in mysterious and unexpected ways.

Career History