Profile Info

Finishers: ???
Theme Song: Slipknot – “This Cold Black”

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 5-11-4
Total Matches: 20
Title History: WFA Brooklyn Hardcore Champion

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Caution came to WFA looking to prove to himself that he had what it took to stand toe to toe with competitors outside of XSW. As Caution fought his way through WFA, he came to a halt when facing off against Sinister. That bout led him on a path of proving that he COULD get the job done, regardless if the fans supported him no matter what. After being fired by Impact for not performing up to “company standards”, Caution not only won his job back by beating Impact but he also captured the WFA Brooklyn Hardcore Title to prove that he could and did stand toe to toe with WFA’s toughest competitors.

Career History

00: Homecoming Caution vs. Alex Roulette

01: Shockwave Christian Ares vs. Caution (Sinister Interferes)
02: Shockwave Vinny VC vs. Caution
02: Shockwave Caution and Sinister Backstage Segment
02: Shockwave Sinister and Caution Backstage Segment
03: Shockwave Caution, Joey Baguhdonuts and Sinister Backstage Segment
03: Shockwave Sinister vs Joey Spade (Caution Interferes)
04: Shockwave Joey Spade, Caution and Vinny VC Backstage Segment
04: Shockwave Caution vs. Joey Spade
04: Shockwave Caution and Sinister Backstage Segment
05: Unfinished Business Sinister vs. Caution
06: Shockwave Caution, Twiztid and Jesse West Backstage Segment
07: Shockwave Christian Ares vs. Caution
08: Shockwave Caution and Rome Backstage Segment
09: Shockwave Caution vs. Mike Hardy
09: Shockwave Caution and Enforcer w/ Rinda Blade In-Ring Promo
10: Dark Tomorrow Caution vs. Enforcer (Impact Fires Caution)
11: Shockwave Impact, Caution and WFA Roster Backstage Segment
12: Shockwave Impact, Rebecca and Caution Backstage Segment
12: Shockwave Impact vs. Joey Spade (Caution Interferes)
12: Shockwave Caution vs. Rome
13: Shockwave Impact and Caution Backstage Segment
13: Shockwave RPR Entrant #14: Caution
14: Rising Against Caution vs. Impact (Rob Jenkins Re-hires Caution)
15: Shockwave Caution, Alex Roulette and Renegade In-Ring Segment
16: Shockwave Alex Roulette vs. Caution
18: Ashes to Ashes Caution vs. Danny Draiman
19: Shockwave Danny Draiman, Caution and Renegade In-Ring Segment
19: Shockwave Caution vs. Jesse West
20: Shockwave Renegade vs. Caution
20: Shockwave Renegade vs. Caution (continued)
21: Shockwave Caution and Little Man Backstage Segment
22: Wrestlefest VI Caution vs. Danny Draiman