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Finishers: Gangsta’s Lullaby
Theme Song: Jay Z – “Moment of Clarity”

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 10-7-1
Total Matches: 18
Title History: None

Theme Songs

Career Summary

One of the toughest and realist competitors to ever step into WFA, Quarterz had many hard-fought battles to defend lots of things dear to him over the years. Whether it was protecting his heritage against the Higher Society, his family like Rinda against Enforcer and his faith in God against the self-proclaimed God, Patrick Blade. In the end, Quarterz got his closure, protecting all that he cared about and earning the rest of not just every athlete in WFA, but even from the likes of Jason Kross.

Career History

00: Homecoming Joey Spade vs. Quarterz

01: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Mike Hardy
02: Shockwave Quarterz, Twiztid and Danny Draiman Backstage Segment
02: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Twiztid
03: Shockwave Danny Draiman, Alex Roulette and Quarterz Backstage Segment
03: Shockwave Quarterz Entrance
03: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Danny Draiman
04: Shockwave Higher Society, Twiztid and Quarterz In-Ring Segment
04: Shockwave Quarterz Entrance
04: Shockwave Higher Society vs. Quarterz and Twiztid
05: Unfinished Business Quarterz vs. Impact
06: Shockwave Cozz vs. Quarterz
07: Shockwave Quarterz In-Ring Promo
08: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Jesse West
08: Shockwave Quarterz and Mike Hardy Backstage Segment
09: Shockwave Quarterz Entrance
09: Shockwave Christian Ares vs. Quarterz
09: Shockwave Quarterz and Mike Hardy In-Ring Segment
10: Dark Tomorrow Quarterz vs. Mike Hardy
11: Shockwave Patrick Blade and Sinister vs. Enforcer and Quarterz
12: Shockwave Mike Hardy, Quarterz and Renegade In-Ring Segment
12: Shockwave Renegade vs. Quarterz
12: Shockwave Rome and Quarterz Backstage Segment
13: Shockwave RPR Entrant #4: Quarterz
14: Rising Against Quarterz vs. Rome
14: Rising Against Enforcer, Quarterz and Rinda Backstage Segment
15: Shockwave Quarterz and Mike Hardy Backstage Segment
15: Shockwave Joey Spade vs. Quarterz (Quarterz is poisoned)
16: Shockwave Enforcer and Quarterz In-Ring Segment
17: Shockwave Enforcer and Quarterz Backstage Segment
17: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Joey Spade and Enforcer
17: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Joey Spade and Enforcer (continued)
18: Ashes to Ashes Quarterz vs. Enforcer
19: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Danny Draiman
20: Shockwave Quarterz and Patrick Blade Backstage Segment
20: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Christian Ares
21: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Sinister
21: Shockwave Quarterz, Rob Jenkins and Patrick Blade In-Ring Segment
22: Wrestlefest VI Quarterz vs. Patrick Blade
Extra Quarterz Ending