Eric Rave


Profile Info

Finishers: ???
Theme Song: Krow Studios – “Oh Fortuna (Remix)”

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 1-3-0
Total Matches: 5
Title History: WFA US Champion

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Although he has wrestled under many different names, perhaps the most recognizable of them all is Krow. In 2004, Krow was on the receiving end of many beatings from people looking to take out their aggression. He was the first person that the Alliance attacked when they made their debut, he was blindsided many times by the then World Champion, Sinister, and he was the brutally teamed up on at the 2004 Royal Park Rumble.

At Wrestlefest III, those rumors were confirmed and Krow had made his long awaited return to WFA. He faced off against Draven and Patrick Blade in one of 2005’s most memorable hardcore pay-per-view matches and proved that although he had disappeared for a year, he still had the heart and dedication to compete with the current superstars.

Once again in 2006 Krow had disappeared, taking the name Kaleb Weylin and moving on to bigger things with his life. When he returned to WFA in 2008, he was now known as Eric Rave (although the crowd would never let him forget the name Krow). Though he had never accomplished championship status, Krow remains as one of the most unique wrestlers to grace WFA.

Career History