Jessica Sweet

Jessica Sweet

Career Highlights

Position: Royal Park Rumble Drawing Girl
Manager of: Impact

Profile Info

Love Interests: Danny Draiman & Impact
Theme Song: Black Eyed Peas – “My Humps”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Originally brought in as the official number drawing girl for the 2006 Royal Park Rumble, Jason Kross had much bigger plans for Jessica Sweet. When Impact reached out to Jason Kross for a way to crush Danny Draiman, Jessica Sweet was placed as a girl to simply grab his attention. During a WFA show, Jessica Sweet went on a date with Danny Draiman when Impact blindsided him and beat him up in the parking lot.

At the show before Wrestlefest IV, Danny Draiman had come out to address his match with Impact when Impact decided to come out to speak to him face to face. Impact revealed that he had one over Danny all along when suddenly Jessica Sweet gave a low blow to Danny Draiman. Impact revealed that Jessica Sweet was with him the whole time and this left Danny Draiman emotionally crushed.

At Wrestlefest IV, Jessica Sweet could not stand to see Danny in pain so she gave a low blow to Impact which allowed Danny to hit the Sad Exchange to pick up the win. In the end Danny got the win, the title and the girl.

Career History