Joey Cash

Joey Cash

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Position: Commentator

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Gay Brother of: Eric Watts & Jimmy Watts
Theme Song: Donna Summers – “She Works Hard For The Money”

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Career Summary

As part of the commentating booth, it is Joey Cash’s job to call the match and explain to the viewers what is going on. However, many times Joey Cash goes off on superstars he likes and makes sure to target ones that are just plain evil. Often pointing out cheap shots made at wrestlers by Jimmy, Joey Cash never fails to keep the crowd enticed in the match and to have them listening as well as viewing the match and the commentary as it happens.

Career History

01: Turmoil Jimmy Watts and Joey Cash Intro
19: Wrestlefest IV Jimmy Watts and Joey Cash Show Preview

13: Wrestlefest V Intro w/ Jimmy Watts and Joey Cash

22: WFA Wrestlefest VI Wrestlefest VI Intro w/ Eric Watts, Jimmy Watts, Johnny Lopez and Joey Cash