Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 8-9-0
Total Matches: 17
Title History: WFA Interborough Champion

Profile Info

Finisher: Renegadian Destroyer
Theme Song: Eminem – “Renegade (Remix)”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Having one of the deadliest spin kicks in WFA, Renegade propelled himself as a very unorthodox wrestler among the rest of the WFA superstars. In 2006, he launched an attack against Jesse West and in retaliation, Jesse West launched an attack as well.

Renegade wanted the Interborough title and was willing to stop at nothing to get it. They faced off at Dark Tomorrow hoping to bring their feud to a close but the battle did not stop there. Renegade aligned himself with the owner, Jason Kross, and made it his duty to prevent Jesse West from ever feeling safe in WFA.

Rumors had developed that Rome was coming for Renegade since he was known for his lethal kicks but after their encounter at the Royal Park Rumble, Renegade focused on his original plan to take out Jesse West. Their back and forth battle continued up until Wrestlefest IV where both men threw the gloves off and fought wherever the fight took them. In the end, Renegade won the belt and after seeing Jesse West retire, he decided to retire as well and relinquished the title.

Returning from retirement in 2009, Renegade was back to his evil antics to take down his opponents in WFA. In the end, Renegade left WFA letting everyone know that he was never afraid to say what was on his mind at any given time or day.

Career History