Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 5-7-1
Total Matches: 13
Title History: WFA Heavyweight Champion

Profile Info

Finisher: Fallen Empire
Theme Song: Rome – “Can We Start Again”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Having a tough exterior and a strong kick has made Rome one of the most lethal wrestlers in WFA. After being brought into WFA for the 2004 Royal Park Rumble by Twiztid, greed had taken hold Rome’s head and he ended up eliminating Twiztid so he could win the Rumble. They collided at Wrestlefest II and made sure to not to hesitate from hurting one another.

In 2005, the tournament for the WFA World Title had begun and Jason Kross did everything in his power to help Rome advance above all. In the final match of the night against Jesse West, Rome ended up winning the world title and became the first world champion for 2005. Rome proudly defended it throughout the entire year against anyone who challenged him.

At Wrestlefest III, he received a challenge he had never expected before and that was from the winner of the Royal Park Rumble for 2005 Twiztid and his long time competitor Jesse West. In the end, Rome lost the title to Twiztid and decided to retire from WFA after an injury prevented him from further competing.

Feeling the need to kick people again, Rome came back to WFA in 2009, taking down the new guys to prove that Rome, the legend, was still someone who had what it took. Rome picked several fights in 2009, his biggest being with the WFA Brand Manager Rob Jenkins, leading Jason Kross to interfere and hit the Burning Kross on Rome so Rob Jenkins could pick up the win.

Career History

14: Royal Park Rumble RPR Entrant #17 – Rome