Wiggy 8

Wiggy 8

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 2-1-0
Total Matches: 3
Title History: None

Profile Info

Finisher: S.A.T. (Sick and Twiztid)
Theme Song: Papa Roach – Blood Brothers

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Being a legend in WFA has always led Wiggy 8 to believe that he can take out anyone that stood in his way. In 2004, Wiggy was an on and off superstar, returning every so often to challenge whoever was at the top. Several times he would receive title matches only to get screwed over by his former FTA member Slick Rick and the self-proclaimed Anti-FTA superstar, Sinister. At the end of 2004, Wiggy 8 made a surprise return and beat down Jesse West with a bat after one of his matches.

Wiggy 8 went on to train in other respective athletic fields and returned in 2005 with his own Mixed Martial Arts title belt. Coming in strong, Wiggy 8 decided to challenge the current WFA World Champion, Rome, to a match but the match never happened due to scheduling reasons and complications.

Nevertheless, Wiggy 8 continued to train and has spoken many times about an FTA re-union show or a possible WFA return. For Wiggy 8, it is never a matter of “if” he will return, but instead a matter of “when” he will return.

Career History