Show 04: WFA Vendetta TIME INDIVIDUAL SEGMENTS 00:00 Show Intro 00:44 Vinny Vincenz vs. Caution 06:26 Twiztid and Joey Baguhdonuts Backstage Segment 07:20 Alex Roulette vs. Mike Hardy 13:43 Enforcer and Dominican Backstage Segment 14:34 Impact vs. Christian Ares 27:24 Impact and Mystery Man Backstage Segment 27:48 Danny Draiman vs. Joey Spade vs. Patrick Blade 50:17 Dominican and Continue reading

Show 05: WFA Vendetta TIME INDIVIDUAL SEGMENTS 00:00 Intro 00:27 Renegade vs. Slayer 11:52 Jason Kross, Sinister and Impact Backstage Segment 13:26 Impact vs. Patrick Blade 20:28 Danny Draiman vs. Crazy Oz vs. Mike Hardy vs. Jesse West (Slick Rick Returns) 34:37 Joey Spade and Malice Backstage Segment 35:30 Jesse West and Twiztid Backstage Segment 35:52 Sinister vs. Continue reading